Developed Projects

Please check some of my pet projects.

Crypto Tracker- ReactJS, Tailwind CSS and API.

This is the first project I built to work with API calls. I used Axios to call the endpoints. The crypto tracker displays the list all of the Cryptocurrency in the market with their Market Cap, Name, Symbol, Total volume and its Loss and Profit percentage.

Crypto News - Reactjs, Tailwind CSS and API

Cryptonews shows you all the current news about the crypto world and latest crypto in the market. The api used here is from Cryptocompare.I used Axios to do api calls here. The project is not responsive yet.

TheTtalk - Simple Social App

This is social media app, a simple one. You can login and upload any image here which can be saved by others. The user can delete the pic, post comment. For filter there are some tags. The project is build in ReactJS, Tailwind CSS and

Truce- A Simple Chat App

Truce is very simple and easy chat app which one can register and use to send text and image to others. This project is built in ReactJS, Tailwind CSS and Firebase as backend and authentication.

About Me

Hi, I am Prachi Priyadarshini

HTML, CSS, JS, Tailwind CSS, ReactJS, Firebase, Sanity, Figma, Adobe XD, WordPress, Servicenow

Explored the Startup to Mid-sized company for UI development work for 2 years

  • 1. I started my career with UI development and worked as UI, Web, and Portal Developer in my prior companies.
  • 2. "how" and "why" products are built brought me closer to UX design.
  • 3. Please refer design tab for UI/UX self-projects with case-study.
  • 4. Books and poetry writing are my other obsessions.
  • 5. I also play Ukulele in my free time..