Looking for a job in the field of UI/UX designing.

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Prachi Priyadarshini

- 2 years of Industry experience in UI development field.

- 0 year of Industry experience in Designing field.

I started my carrier with UI development and want to continue my journey as UI/UX designer. I am obsessed with UI, I am always open to learn more about it and am still learning. One thing that I have learnt so far is "Feedback" is the key to improvement here and I am always ready to know how I can do better. I love writing poetry or anything to which I can relate to. Music and musical instruments are my other obsession, in my free time I play Ukulele. I am also learning Hangul from Coursera, still long way to go :p.

UI/UX Design UI Development Content Writing

Worked at

Sigmaway LLC
IT Consultant

I started working with RPA tool UiPath and Bonita BPM.Frontend was always my first interest so I started working with Joomla and maintained and developed the company website.

Web Developer

Ideabeez was a new born startup when I started with it as WordPress developer. Company is closed now.I developed webistes for client and worked with the internal products.

Technical Consultant

INRY is a mid-size company in Hyderabad. I was hired here as UI developer(Portal Developer). It makes product in SERVICENOW for clients.I have worked with client like AON,Lifetime,Donaldson.

PS: This page is totally created by me using HTML, lots of CSS, javascript and jquery.